Private transfers to Ancient Messini

If you are an ancient Greece enthusiast, Ancient Messini is the place to be! Being one of the biggest ancient cities that have been discovered in Greece and with most of its monuments very well-preserved, it offers a clear idea of how a Greek city was structured and how life was organized there in ancient times. By booking a private transfer to Ancient Messini, you are in fact booking a time travel to ancient Greece.

The archaeological site of Ancient Messini offers you the opportunity to stroll among some typical constructions for which ancient Greece is known. The first one you will come across as you enter the site is the large Theatre of Messini, which is considered one of the most characteristic constructions of an ancient Greek theatre and has been reconstructed for contemporary use. Next, you will meet the Arsinoe Fountain, a type of pod that supplied the city with water and Agora, an extensive area surrounded by columned porticoes, that used to be the hub of the city.

One of the most impressive constructions you get to visit in Ancient Messini is the large Stadium with 18 rows of seats. History unfolds here as you can also see the gladiator arena Romans created by closing off a part of the athletic track. Near the arena you will notice some seats with backs and lion paws that were used as VIP seats. The Doric stoas you will find surrounding the Stadium are where the Gymnasium of the city was housed.

The Sanctuary of Asclepius is another interesting point of the site, since it was another spiritual hotspot for the Ancient Messinian life. The Sanctuary of Asclepius includes a Doric temple dedicated to Asclepius (the god of medicine according to Greek mythology), a small theatre and a courtyard, while nearby you can see the mosaic remains of a Roman villa.

Last but not least, you cannot leave the place without admiring the imposing walls of Ancient Messini. Although a large part has been destroyed, the monumental Arcadian Gate has been preserved, along with eight towers.

You will need about two hours to see all the available monuments, but if you’d like to fit in more in your schedule, we can recommend some interesting places nearby you can visit next. Just ask our team and we will organize the most convenient and pleasant route for you. So, if you’d like to experience what life was like in ancient Greece, book a private transfer to Ancient Messini now!