Private transfers to Nestor's Palace

If you are staying in Pylos, this is a great opportunity for you to visit Nestor’s Palace, the most well-preserved Mycenaean palace that has been discovered so far. It is located just 14km away from Pylos, so you can book a private transfer to the Palace of Nestor with us and be there in no time! But what’s so special about it?

First of all, even if activities related to archaeology and history are not your first option when you are on vacation, you will definitely appreciate the beautiful view you get to enjoy at Nestor’s palace. The palace was built in the 13th century BC on a hill called Ano Englianos, overlooking the Navarino Bay, so that the inhabitants could see any enemies that might attempt to approach. Today, this location provides an excellent panoramic view of the coastline.

But as a complex of various buildings and with 105 ground floor apartments, the Palace of Nestor has much more to offer to its visitors. You can feel the Homeric epics come to life as you stroll through the reception rooms and the courtyard, the warehouses and the workshops. Plus, the beautifully detailed decorations of the hearth and the walls in the Throne Room will leave you speechless. Even if you are not familiar with the Mycenaean history and the importance of king Nestor, there are various inscriptions and signboards to help you get a better feeling and understanding of the place.

Less than 100 meters away from the palace, there is also a Mycenaean tholos tomb that you cannot miss. The tomb is representative of the Mycenaean civilization and the acoustics create an unearthly atmosphere.

We also recommend combining your exploration of Nestor’s palace with a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Chora and the Archaeological Museum of Messinia, where there are various exhibits of the Mycenaean civilization, such as murals of battle scenes, big jars that were used in trade and jewelry.

Nestor’s palace is close to Gialova too, so if you would like to have a day full of experiences, just call us! We will pick you up from Costa Navarino or any other place of accommodation in Pylos and drive you to your preferred destinations safely and comfortably.